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Light in the DarknessLight in the Darkness
For Puabi
The light is fading slowly
Scanty hours of sunshine
But there is no monster without human shape
Where to find hope?
The call wafts to my ear like the breeze
"Relax and enjoy with Puabi, beloved!"
If I had no love, I'd be hopeless too
I keep vigil at the bedside


BulimiaMy throne's made of porcelain,
And I sit face-first.
With my knees upon the floor,
I begin my worst.
A tear runs down my cheek,
As nails creep down my throat.
I find the sound of gagging,
Is such a pretty note.
I wriggle my finger,
And I start to choke.
It's just then I feel it-
Envy's yellow yolk.
Quickly I withdraw my hand,
And out comes a surprise.
From my body I purge forth,
All that I despise.
And I draw the venom,
From my stomach's well,
Just as I do every night,
In this selfish Hell.


HallucinationsMiserable stars cry tears upon my cheeks,
as my poisoned lips slowly bleed,
scars are dancing to tell me I am weak.
Hands grasp and torture me for weeks,
stealing away all I may need,
miserable stars cry tears upon my cheeks.
A study in razors is all I seek,
to carve my story and be freed,
scars are dancing to tell me I'm weak.
As I swallow the pills euphoria peaks,
the floor cracks, it wishes to feed,
miserable stars cry tears upon my cheeks.
Then all colour is drained, sky becomes bleak,
roses sprout in my mouth from seeds,
scars are dancing to tell me I'm weak.
Maybe a noose would prevent their shrill beaks
from whispering my darkest deeds,
miserable stars cry tears upon my cheeks,
scars are dancing to tell me I'm weak.


To the person who holds my best friend's heart...I know that is is kind of weird
But I felt that I should write this down.
I need to tell you what I feel
And tell you what he means to me.
He's my best friend and he's a good man.
Please, give him the love and respect he deserves.
He may seem goofy but he's very sweet.
I know this because he was always there for me when I was sad.
Now, I know that you're not bad
Cause he would never choose someone who's mean.
But I still want to tell you just in case you forget in the future;
Please don't break his heart.
He's been through so much
And he doesn't deserve something like that.
He is the kind of person who smiles even when he's hurt by others
And would take any pain for the people he loves.
I know, I've witnessed it.
I know he may seem kind of childish sometimes
But don't let it get to you.
It's just his way of expressing himself. 
He's very caring and I'm sure he'll do anything to make you happy.
He doesn't look like it but he's very kind and thoughtful.
He'll put your needs before h


Fairy's VillanelleFor the fairy to turn wight into knight
A spell must be cast that needs strands of hay;
Lets them dance and dance through joyous nights.
By day she searches with magical flight
And many a strand she finds on her way
That lets the fairy turn wight into knight.
Upright the gnome stands to hear her recite
A spell that teaches this wight dance ballet,
And they dance and they dance all through the night.
But they must part before the sun shines bright.
Anew the wight must bide the sun's last ray
For his fairy to turn him in a knight.
He prays that his fairy will be all right
So that they can spin over earth's parquet,
And dance and dance all through the moonlit night.
The meadows flood with sun's orange light
So the gnome needs to wait another day
For the fairy to turn him in a knight -
Until again they may dance through the night.


Shadow SongsFrom the past to the future my dreams fly away
but I´m still twisted and thorn between ho I am and who I wish to be
Your ears can´t hear me
deaf to my hopeless scream
your sleep is deep and sound
enchantned by starlit spell
you are already lost
faraway from me
and my pleading voice
I´m still lost
I don´t  know how to escape this cruelty of mine
all my old lovely bonds are broken and cold
forgotten in this town made of ivory, dust and stone

Visions in my solitude
dreams of broken angels with deadly wings
trying to find their way from Hell
but Heaven´s gates are closed on golden key
and fiery blade
no one shall escape
their prison and their fate
I can see it all through the eyes of my soul
where stars are blank and vague
and breezes never sing
where sun is  dark
and faces of twilight are without moon or shade
So I dream of the city made of roses, light and windy clouds
in this burning place full of s


tiny wings
that flutter
so beautifully
against the walls
of your belly
teeth and claws
come find me


The Flowers
They bloom in the dark
Nothing bloomed before but now...
They're fighting
And like them, I must fight
I cannot give up and wither away
Like the Orra blossoms
We can't rely on what we used to
We must adapt to the coming change
For everything has changed
And nothing will ever be the same


Wine Tasting
I remember that Christmas...
The snow was blanketing everything outside, as the deep aroma of your cooking was wetting my mouth inside.
"Oh mamma-mia!" You cursed.
I turned from the sink of dishes to see you picking up the Romano cheese off the greasy stovetop.
"What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen." I chuckled tentatively, not quite sure if you were going to take the joke, or not.  There was always a certain risk with you...  After all, cooking was your forte, your opus.  It was not to be made light of.
You laughed, the deep pitch echoing heavily off the walls, light entering your dark eyes briefly.
"Exactly." You concurred with a snigger.
"You want some wine before dinner?" You suggested suddenly, the affection in your voice halting the dish in my hand.
"I'm underage, but why not." I agreed with a hesitant smile.  I would have to seize this moment while it lasted.  Moments like this didn't happen often—not with you.


These Mechanical Sonscurrents, tides
suns and moons
are to me
what these mechanical sons
are to each other
ready as Cain to slay
willing as Abel to die
each are field drawn
geometrically driven
sin scuff-sharpened
solar tides
call out to seas
of commuters
they call to me, and my worship
is it pleasing?
god placed my brother
here to test me
and lord, which dead
broken brother am i,
the walking
or the fallen?


The Cat and the Wolf (Demo Recording)
You’re not the same boy you once were.
You’re a snake in the sheets.
You’re a wolf in the dark.
And you whisper - “Honey, honey don’t cry..”
But you tore me open, tore - tore me open just to taste my blood.
And you can bet, in these tears you’re gonna drown.
Dark, dark raven.
Cold, cold-blooded killer.
You’re a scratch on my mind.
You’re a hole in my heart.
Well, I’m not the same girl you once held.
I am a cat in the night.
I am no longer a kitten.
I’m not yowling, no - I’m not yowling for a second chance.
I’m prowling the woods, and seeing the lies - seeing the ties that all but ruined you.
Dark, dark romance.
Cold, cold-blooded betrayal.
You’re a scratch on my mind.
You’re a hole in my heart.
The cat and the wolf..
Will they come to blows?
Or will they settle the score with a sigh and a kiss?
If I run from you, you’ll just catch me and hold me down.
And then you whisper, “Honey, hone


Microcosm.The world has unexpectedly inverted.
Gravity has shifted, we’re falling onto our ceilings, our ceilings are now floored.
We stare down, while draped in reverse, long hair swinging, hands suspended, blood rushing to the head.
Furniture is falling up, rain is rising––the gravitational pull is bemusing.
Cars are oscillating around buildings, birds are flying towards the ground, animals are hovering, water is levitating, we’re flying void of orientation…
Everything falls back into place instantaneously.
What you’ve just witnessed––the world has unexpectedly been picked up, and shaken.
We’re just a speck, rotating and floating through infinite vastness, our entire world is something else’s single atom––a grain of sand in an enormous sea.
There’s a tiny Universe in everything, there’s one inside you, reacting to your influence.
There’s one in every flower–– those worlds smell parti


The Raven's Lament
"Once upon a midnight dreary... yadda yadda yadda!"
Okay, first off, let's dispense with the poetic crap, shall we?
Now look, we ravens have had bad PR ever since Edgar Allen
Whatsizname wrote his nonsensical (and I might add - slanderous)
little poem.  Time to set the record straight!
1.  Nevermore? Please, how lame! Ravens are not brainless zombies
   who repeat the word nevermore over and over again, okay?
2. What I said to the man was "Barrymore," not "nevermore"
  (yes, dude was nearly deaf). The name is Barrymore,
  Barrymore T. Raven III, at your service!  
3. Ravens are not dark, mysterious or evil.  Truth be
  told, I watch SpongeBob (or is it SpongeBeth now, geez!)
  every morning, and I have a prolific collection of
  Hotwheels at home.  Uh... can you spell N-O-R-M-A-L?
Whew!  Glad we had this little chat!  Been wanting to get this
off my chest since 1845.  Wait!  I know what you're thinki


All You NeedIn the end, all you need
Is achieve a beautiful mansion
A bottle of expensive whiskey
A top hat of higher quality
And an outfit of respect
You drink half the bottle
Turns the top hat sideways
Tears a piece of cloth from the costume
Lights with a lighter
And blows up the mansion
And life returns to make sense
And repeats the process
And again
Until the end of your life


Trinity of doomDark mind, flaming soul, iced heart.

choose the winner :D

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